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The 1st coliving on La Palma – la Isla Bonita, “the beautiful island”. 

La Palma - Spain
Best weather in Europe
6 Rooms - Max. 9 pax
From 17€/night

Sorry but our coliving no longer exists, it was affected by the recent volcanic eruption.

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About the island

If you don’t already know La Palma, you definitely have to.

Located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by volcanoes and stars, La Palma is a really nice place to balance your work and private life under the sun. By many called La Isla Bonita (the beautiful island), for others it’s Europe’s answer to the Caribbean, we are curious to know how you will be calling it?! It definitely won’t let you indifferent!

About the house

A spacious house on the good weather side of the island

Coming to life some decades ago as the first B&B, Musicasa becomes now the first Co-living on La Palma where you will be sharing a house with other 8 creative minds! 

Starting the day with a coffee on the rooftop or backyard will set you up with energy to change the world with your work. You choose if you want to work in the privacy of your room, the office equipped living room, the great outdoor spaces or wherever there is WiFi. Some even go to the Kiosk at the beach! 

To top it all off, what better than finishing the day sharing your experiences with like minded people while enjoying ice cold beverages, dinner party and laughter, before hitting the bed for a needed and well deserved rest.


The common areas consist of a coworking-living-dining space, a kitchen and two bathrooms.


Outside you will find a backyard, a roof top terrace and a barbecue.

Double rooms

Three double rooms with two 90 cm beds.

Price per night on a weekly basis:

Double standard 1 person €23 / 2 – €26
Double big 1 person €25 / 2 – €28

Single rooms

One single room with a 90 cm bed and two with 140 cm beds.

Price per night on a weekly basis:

Single small €17
Single standard €20


1 months – 5% | 2 months – 10% | + 3 months – 15%

*Minimum stay 2 weeks.

What does it include 

Amenities & Services

Office chairs
Washer & dishwasher
AC in living room
Rooftop & backyard

Near to all what you may need for a pleasant stay

Closely located to the main road makes it easily accessible by bus or rental car, while 5 minutes away from the beach and 12 minutes to the next City, it’s now up to you to decide what you’ll be doing today.

After a day of work It’s never been easier to disconnect from your work to reconnect with yourself, either exploring the natural landscapes, enjoying outdoor activities, discovering the local gastronomy or just lying back at the beach listening to the original podcast “sound of the ocean”.

Within walking distance you’ll be able to enjoy international cuisine, while 12 min by bus you’ll find a great selection of restaurants with a diverse cuisine mix that pleases all kinds of palates.
Bars & cafes

Take a break and enjoy a nice drink at any of the beachfront bars and kiosks, or cafes of your choice in the city center. 

Next towns

All the nearby towns are reachable by bus or car within minutes, from a small fisher village, a beach town or the biggest city on the island where you’ll find a great variety of supermarkets, restaurants and cafes, a shopping mall and any other type of store you might need.

Outdoor activities

Experience the island from another angle, either surging the skies paragliding or the seas by kayak, discover the spectacular underwater landscape by scuba diving or snorkeling, take a closer look at the night sky doing astronomical observation, driving down the mountains with bikes or hiking through the diverse ecosystems present all over the island.


Discover many of the unique landscapes present all over La Palma, designated Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. From the arid volcanoes landscapes in the south to the “Amazonian” like rainforest in the north; from underground lava tunnels, the ocean shore with black sand beaches all the way up to the mountains so close to the stars you will be tempted to reach for them; while right in the middle you’ll find the unique National Park “La Caldera de Taburiente”, an imploded volcanic crater. You will find beauty wherever you look! 


With more than 1,000 km of enabled trails passing through different types of forests, climbing majestic mountain ridges with its 360° views and descending into valleys filled with small settlements make it the hiking paradise. For the experienced to the occasional hiker, trails ranging every difficulty level are awaiting you! 

What about the hosts?

Jonitz Bro´s

After growing all up under one roof on the beautiful island of La Palma our paths became to separate when each of us started chasing his dreams. 

Joshua started his pursuit in the music business where he worked for national renowned artists and festivals. Now he is settled again on the island working on his own projects. Fabio packed his bags and went off to Madrid where he now works in an international Food Tech Startup after getting his degree in Economics. Severino on the other hand was so drawn to the fantastic lifestyle of the Island that he pursued his telecommunication abilities in the local market. While Tamino after an international experience in the USA is one step away of becoming an Aerospace Engineer and has his dreams set high.

Now all of us are getting together again for this project, taking over what once our father started as a B&B and turning it into the coliving it is becoming.

We will be happy providing you with anything else you may need for a remarkable time on La Palma!


Cultural Management


Business strategy & operations analyst


Telecommunication specialist


Aerospace Engineering


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